Call FT Pest control to have one of our technicians visit and asses all your needs. FT Pest control offers a wide range of services including

Monthly services/ inspections programs for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, butcher shops, food and non-food warehouses, hotels and motels, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, offices and places of worship.

Rodent control programs.

Treatments for Carpenter ants and other wood destroying insects.

Treatment for Bed Bugs that consists of steaming and vacuuming. Mattress covering, and other integrated pest management solutions.

Wildlife exclusion and removal.

Bird exclusion and management.

Fly control programs and drain cleaning.

Washroom care including odour control, auto flush units and many other hygiene products.

Home defence plans to protect your property from unwanted invaders.

We have the solutions for you. Call and book an appointment today!


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